SORTIS Komunikacije is the leading communication company established in 2005, employing fully committed or project oriented international experts, with focus in ICT business.

SORTIS Komunikacije is a result of the ongoing worldwide corporate businesses and product trend researches, forecast, planning and development.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge of communications, public relations, marketing, strategic business and EU regulations in the ICT market.

We bring international trends and expertise to our clients, implemented and integrated within the local market. Those trends help the businesses and brands of our clients to grow.

Our Team draws on a variety of sources, from research groups, communication expertise and trade, conferences and exhibitions with direct influence on business communities. This results in an up-to-date scope of communication behavior, projects and strategies driven by the change in societies and businesses.

Our mission at SORTIS Komunikacije is to deliver a results-oriented, pro-active services through innovative and creative strategies.