Who we are?

SORTIS Komunikacije is the leading communication company established in 2005, employing fully committed or project oriented international experts, with focus in ICT business.

SORTIS Komunikacije is a result of the ongoing worldwide corporate businesses and product trend researches, forecast, planning and development.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge of communications, public relations, marketing, strategic business and EU regulations in the ICT market.

We bring international trends and expertise to our clients, implemented and integrated within the local market. Those trends help the businesses and brands of our clients to grow.

Our Team draws on a variety of sources, from research groups, communication expertise and trade, conferences and exhibitions with direct influence on business communities. This results in an up-to-date scope of communication behavior, projects and strategies driven by the change in societies and businesses.

Our mission at SORTIS Komunikacije is to deliver a results-oriented, pro-active services through innovative and creative strategies.

Sustainable development

At SORTIS Komunikacije, our goal is to create a completely new kind of work culture – independent yet collaborative, general yet uniquely skilled, fun but intensely motivated.

We are dedicated to bringing together individuals who possess ability, brilliance and the fire within. And we impart those new skills, training, and new sources of motivation – so they can constantly produce extraordinary results for our business-to-business clients.

We encourage professional development and we are proud members of prestigious international associations.

At SORTIS Komunikacije, we encourage diversity and innovation that result in a variety of individual, highly recognizable projects coming from our work, business and people.


Strategic Communication

Helping define client’s vision, mission and develop objectives to take your business to the next level.

Social Network Management

Providing a consistent customer experience across all digital channels.

Media Relations and Services

Creating and communicating a newsworthy message, story or information addressing the appropriate media outlets for influencing and changing the behavior of targeted groups.

Employer Branding

Ensuring employer’s reputation as a place to work, and their value proposition by differentiating its ecosystem.

Internal Communication

Creating and managing effective communications and collaboration among participants within an organization helping to promote its culture, behavior and values.

Content Creation

The contribution of information to target audience in a specific context.


Planning and organizing infrastructure, people, communication and material component of client’s business and brand.

Creative Services

Covers a broad range of deliverables including business solutions for the visual and content-related needs of an organization, such as: visual design, digital marketing, web strategy, video production, photography and project management to provide comprehensive solutions to the client’s creative needs.

Marketing Campaigns

Organizing a course of action to promote and sell a product or service.


We know what our partners want from a PR and communication campaign and we have devised our programs to deliver noticeable results. We also want to make it easy for our clients to do business with us – so we are flexible in our program and fee structure. We like to prove our worth to our new clients before we expect them to commit to us.

Ivan Belić

Vice President,

Life Sciences at AMPLEXOR International

I have had the opportunity to cooperate with Renata during my professional career at SAP, on different marketing projects, in different roles.
The quality that makes the difference is the fact that Renata is an extremely rare type of professional who successfully combines project management discipline and creativity, the two usually opposed characteristics. She combines them with superb ease, and during the project her collaborators do not feel the pressure that is, of course, always there, and her proactivity and originality offer solutions to problems.

In any case, the added value that Renata brings is such that I recommend, without any reserve, cooperation with her and her associates from the company Sortis.

Domagoj Juričić

Consultant (MKPS & The World Bank Group),

First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in United States of America, Washington DC at MFA, Consultant (MKPS & The World Bank Group)

I have had the pleasure of cooperating with Renata on several occasions. The first time, she was my mentor when I entered the PR world, and it is from her that I acquired my first knowledge and experience of the complex job of public relations. I was overwhelmed by how easily and precisely she performed, and by the amount of knowledge she selflessly imparted to me. The second time, Renata and I were team mates at Meritor Medija where she came to improve and professionalize the operation of the agency and its staff. Renata is conscientious and committed, systematic, disciplined, neat. She is focused on finding solutions to problems, even in hopeless situations. She is exquisite in working with clients, an excellent connoisseur of human psychology. Renata possesses a rare quality in a PR professional: she performs equally well from the strategic and operative aspects of the job. She is a real and true asset to any project and to any team. It is really a pity we are not working together any longer.

Marko Biljan

Senior Sales Manager, Verso Altima

I have been asked many times how it was to work with Renata i.e. with her agency SORTIS. My reflections, impressions and experience are: She is a top professional who deals with any situation with maximum responsibility, a true connoisseur of all the aspects in the field she is professionally involved with (and broader), a very pleasant collaborator, dedicated to performance in both focusing on the big picture and caring for the small things that that add something special to the project. Committed, offering maximum cooperation, always with sound arguments, a team player, open-minded, proactive, easily approachable, in one word THE person and THE performer! It is particularly rewarding to cooperate with Renata on big projects, where one notes mutual complementarity in the organization, problem solving, project management, control and finding a way around difficulties in unexpected situations. I am very happy to cooperate with Renata and her agency, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work comfortably and achieve results.

Alan Žepec

Academy of Executive Coaching, President of the Association of SMB (HUP), Founder and Chairman of the Board of the company Parting d.o.o., Coach Manager, Academy of Executive Coaching, London

My cooperation with Renata has been going on for more than a two decades. High professionalism and focus on performance and projects, as well as measurable results, are the characteristics Renata may rightly be proud of. Continuous professional education in Croatia and abroad, and cooperation with leading national and international corporations has made it possible for Renata and her agency to gain a broad scope of experience that is of huge benefit on the local market. Innovation and reachable goals have enabled the PR industry to develop in entirely new directions ever since 1999, and Renata has been very actively involved in it.

Our process to make you recognized

  1. Kick off Aimed to ensure that a common perception of each activities and objectives are understood.
  2. Conception and Planning Brainstorm session and concept development.
  3. Execution Implement and manage all activities.
  4. Activity Optimization and Creative Attunement Monitoring the performance and adjustment as/if needed.
  5. Reporting and Metrics Ensuring ongoing and continuous reporting with setting communication path properties.